When you search on the Internet, you will find various sources and ways to practice and learn English. However, reading is one of the best ways to improve your English language skills. You can acquire new vocabulary, explore new structures, discover new expressions, and really get a feel for the language.  The more you read, the more you understand the English language.  You will learn even without realizing it. Moreover, it brings you new experiences and perspectives. You may learn new information about language, culture, society, and history that you never knew before. It is, overall, an enjoyable and relaxing way to learn English without any stress whatsoever.

If you feel worried about where to start, just take it easy. Today, we have come up with extremely good ideas and fantastic books. It’s not hard to improve your English when you find the best books to read to learn English vocabulary and grammar in a fun, effective way. We picked easy-to-understand books for you. It is highly expected you to not understand every word, but context is king. You don’t need to comprehend every word as long as you get the main idea from the surrounding words. If you understand everything, you’re probably reading at too easy of a level. You should find a book in which you understand roughly 70% of the words. But, when you see a word 10 times repeatedly and don’t know the meaning, look up to a dictionary.

It may seem reading is about the meaning of words, but it’s good to also think about pronunciation. It is a bit strange, but reading aloud has a profound effect on your speaking skills and discrimination of words by listening.  I urge you to listen to the audiobook version while you read to optimize your English language learning. This strategy will teach you the fundamentals of good pronunciation. Reading can take you to brilliant new worlds and a new level of English language learning. It may feel like a slow process, but it is effective. Also, there’s just something about enjoying a great book– a feeling that can’t be replaced with any number of lessons, tests, or conversations with even the best of English speakers.

We recommend you to start from these 5 must-read books. Today I will share just 2 of them and next week, the other three. You will enjoy it as much as you are not dreaming. Here you go!

The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemmingway

The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel that tells the battle between an old Cuban fisherman and a giant fish. Hemingway uses a simple story as a fable that explores the themes of challenge, courage, survival, defeat, and success. The elderly Cuban fisherman struggles to bring home a huge marlin that he catches after a run of bad luck with his fishing. The marlin pulls Santiago’s boat for two days and then, once dead and fastened to the boat, it is eaten by sharks on the journey home. This is a story about determination and man’s relationship with nature. It is easy to read because the writer uses short sentences, avoids over description, and gets straight to the point, every level of an English learner will find the language accessible.


 Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White

This famous tale was written by a writer well known for his clean, simple writing style. You will enjoy reading from the first page until the end of the book. It is a great story about friendship and life. It takes place on a farm, and it is an unlikely friendship between a spider and a pig. If you like animals then this story is definitely for you! This is a lovely novel that all age groups can understand. The story starts on an American farm where Fern, an eight-year-old girl tried to save a baby pig. She gave him the name Wilbur and took care of him. When Wilbur grew up he was sent to Fern uncle’s farm. Wilbur was ignored by all the other farm animals except for a small spider called Charlotte. Wilbur and Charlotte became good friends.

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