Expressing Happiness

Please watch the video.


How many adjectives do you know to express happiness? 5? 6? I think that each of you know at least these ones: happy, lucky, delighted.

Probably you are tired to use the same adjectives many times. Don't worry, we can replace them on idioms. :) So from now on, use them any time when you feel happy. :)

On cloud nine = To be extremely happy and excited.

EX. ‘Was Helen pleased about getting that job?’ ‘Pleased? She was on cloud nine!’

Like a dog with two tails = Used to say that someone is very happy about something.

EX. Lucy will be like a dog with two tails if she gets into the team.

Be full of the joys of spring = To be very happy.

EX. He bounced into the office, was full of the joys of spring.

Happy camper = Someone who is happy and satisfied, for example, with their job or a product.

EX. ‘Give me what fits and has a good price on it,’ she said, ‘and I'm a happy camper.’

Be over the moon = To be very pleased.

EX. She was over the moon about/with her new bike.

Paint the town red = To go out and enjoy yourself in the evening, often drinking a lot of alcohol and dancing.

EX. Jack finished his exams today so he's gone out to paint the town red.


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