Hello, it’s Me

Hellooo, it’s me. I’ve been wondering if all these years that you would like to… ok, I have to stop with this Adele song. Every Turkish student I spoke to loves Adele. I don’t mean just the female students, the male students as well. Don’t get me wrong, songs are one of the best ways to learn English. The benefits of trying to decipher (new vocabulary students!!) and trying to understand the meaning of the song helps you to think in English as long as you are not listening to RAPS! The students whom I have the privilege to teach knows that I always caution them about RAP songs because generally they don’t really speak proper English and we, the teachers of Educall, won’t want you to rap out your work presentations to your executives or rap out your English emails to your customers. That would be disastrous! (another new vocabulary alert!)

If you like singing, songs is a great means to learning English fluently. It doesn’t matter if you have a voice like a strangled duck (do you know what strangled means?) or like an exotic bird, singing helps you to articulate and naturalize your English speech. Let’s say, songs help loosen your Turkish tongue! Besides, if you can catch every word of the songs at the speed of the song, that’s even better! That means I can speak faster and we will have more time to continue our Educall conversations!! But of course, we have to start somewhere. I don’t mind talking to my students at a slower speed, as long as they reply me in English, in proper English sentences; you make me a very happy teacher!

So, to all lovers of Adele, if you can diversify (absorb the vocabularies students) your song choices, you will have a larger vocabulary storage and you will be exposed to different accents, as long as it is not a rapping song. I know some like Rihanna. For example, her most recent famous song about “Work” only has a handful of vocabularies. How many times can you say “work” in a sentence? I guess her repetition of “Work, work, work, work” is really very limited, isn’t it? Besides, I never understood Rihanna’s songs. Do you? 

My dear students, I know you are reading this and I hope you are paying close attention to the vocabularies because if I ever get a chance to call you in the coming future, I will ask you all these vocabularies that I’ve pointed out. And since you are reading this, I have homework for you. Yes, you cannot just read and not expect me to give you some English homework! 

As homework, listen to a song of your choice (please no more Hello, it’s me. I already know the theme to that song!) and tell me the meaning of the song and the vocabularies that you’ve learn through the song. Don’t pick an easy song choice. I can always tell your English level! 

If you have anything to say about this post, you can always comment below. And please comment because it’s important that you have a say in this matter. And this should practice your writing skills as well! So, take every opportunity you have to show your English expertise (students, I am going to ask every vocabulary on this post!).

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