How do we improve our listening skills?

Understanding English is sometimes harder than speaking English. Below are some of the tips that you can use to improve your listening skills:


1. Listen to podcasts: Listening to podcast both informs you and helps you with pronunciation. And thus, if you listen a podcast, it can help you understand better too.


2. Plan a friend get together: To improve your both listening and speaking skills, you can meet up with your friends and talk to each other.


3. Listen to music with lyrics: When listening to a foreign song, try to understand the lyrics and if you are not able to understand, listen again with lyrics open and follow through the song.


4. Try to guess: If you didn’t understand all of the conversation, you can try to find out with a few key words that you understood.


5. Watch movies: If you love a movie so much that you watch it every other week, try to watch it with your own language's subtitles first, then try it with English subtitles and after that with no subtitles. That way you can both watch your favorite movie over and over and improve your listening skills.


6. Listen to audiobooks: You might want to try listening with easier children’s audiobooks at first but then as you improve, you can listen to whatever you want.


7. Improve your vocabulary: You can subscribe to English vocabulary sites that will send you an e-mail, with a vocabulary everyday. Also you can write some of the words and hang up in front of you at work, so you will see them regularly.

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