How To Study Effectively At Home During COVID-19

We woke up a quarantine day by thinking it would be a day like many others. Most of us were shocked by this sudden outbreak while few others were thinking of staying at home as a great opportunity. It is normal to feel sad and in despair, but you should keep your calmness and positivity until we overcome it. 

It will be challenging for you to focus on your daily responsibilities and continue with your studying. On the one hand, if you can remove the mental barriers of COVID, you will realize lots of benefits of staying at home. You should know that no authority has control over your time and learning. Here are some tips to eliminate your negative thoughts, feelings, and to reprogram your mind to be successful.


1. Design a happy place for studying

You should firstly get out of your comfortable bed to have a perfect studying space. You should define an area at home in which other family members will not disturb you. You may set your studying supplies close and choose objects you need and like (a comfortable chair, a vase of flowers maybe) to motivate and focus on your learning. Before you make a decision, you should also think about the factors that can affect your learning potential like the light, crowdedness, view, heat, cleaning of the place you can choose. A comfortable place will get you into the study mode.


2. Create a good schedule

If you design a timetable for your daily responsibilities, you can organize your time effectively and put everything in a specific order. It makes you stay focused on your learning and keep on the track. You can make a to-do list to remove that burden in your mind and set a reasonable time for each thing to do. If you set a routine for yourself, you may find yourself doing the housework or having a sandwich and coffee. Sometimes you may need to switch the schedule and varieties to increase your enthusiasm.


3. Get Dressed

You may get dressed to get in the mood of studying if you think you feel too relaxed with your pyjamas. You should take particular care to get dressed, brush your hair, and look beautiful and delicate every day. I know it will change your attitudes to learning and make you feel better and motivated to study.


4. Give Motives to Yourself

You should spare time for yourself every day in your schedule to enjoy and relax before or after your studying. You may cook for you and your family, watch an episode of your favourite TV/Web Series, play video/card and word games on Educall. You may also have phone/video calls with your friends and Educall teachers to share your feelings and what you are doing. You may read a novel, weekly news & blog of Educall. You may enjoy playing an instrument, keeping a diary, watching how to make videos & doing art-crafting. Shortly, you should do whatever keeps you going.


5. Manage Your Learning

You should be an active learner during your studying or online/video classes. You shouldn`t waste your time and energy in vain. You may take notes & highlight the points to check and repeat the topic later. You shouldn`t play the videos back and forward during your classes and use your time wisely. You should reflect on your learning by asking questions before& after the lesson to check and monitor it. You should keep track of your assignments, homework, and subjects through your academic schedule. You should organize your learning materials and devices (daily checking having any problems with the Internet or technically) to avoid missing your classes.

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