How to Talk About Hobbies Naturally

If you are learning a new language, the most important thing is to talk naturally and convey your message the way you want. We all should strive to sound like native speakers and improve our knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and context. In this blog post, I will try to show you how to have a conversation about hobbies in English with native or non-native individuals. I’m sure you already know some of them but our main goal is to how to use them and not to use the most common ones only. By using these phrases, you can show that you have a diverse vocabulary and knowledge about the language. Moreover, these tips will help to make your conversation smooth and comfortable for you.

In this blog post, I will give you some new phrases on how to ask about hobbies, how to answer those questions as well and you will also see what type of questions you can ask to get the conversation going and sound more natural in English. 

Step One: Questions You Can Ask for Hobbies

A conversation always starts with a good question. You can grab the attention of the person you are speaking to with a good question. Therefore, using different types of questions is a good way to impress the person you are talking to. When we talk about hobbies, we usually use a very common and direct question which is “What are your hobbies?” or “What is your favorite hobby?”. There is nothing wrong with asking these questions but because they are used so frequently that they don’t sound as interesting and creative anymore. Thus, you should use one of the phrases below when you are talking to someone about their hobbies. You can use all of them according to the situation and your taste.

  • What are your interests?
  • Have you ever gone fishing?
  • Have you ever tried swimming?
  • What kind of things do you like to do?
  • What are your free time activities?
  • What do you like to do in your free time?

Step Two: Answering Questions About Hobbies

Now that you know how to start a conversation about hobbies, the next is to answer it yourself. If you ask about hobbies, it is sure that you will talk about yours as well. Therefore, it is best to study some common words about hobbies on the internet. Generally, when someone asks you about your hobbies, you start your sentence by saying “My favorite hobbies are…”. Again this way of answering is okay but it isn’t interesting. Check out these phrases about how to answer about your hobbies without being an average speaker of English.

  • I like to cook.
  • I like horse riding.
  • I love to do yoga.
  • I love playing video games.
  • When I have time, I usually watch TV.
  • I wish I had more time to write.

Step Three: Asking Further Questions

Did you memorize these phrases and use them? Good. Now you are ready for the next step. It is asking about further questions about one’s hobbies. If you ask about hobbies and switch it to another topic without speaking about the other one, it will be rude and pointless. That’s why I will give you some tips to continue your conversation without interrogating anyone and you will sound absolutely natural when you are doing it. If these make sense to you, you can check out our extra questions about hobbies.

  • How did you start dancing?
  • How long have you been doing that?
  • Do you usually do that alone? 
  • When do you do that?
  • How often do you do that?

These phrases will keep the conversation going and the person who is next to you will appreciate your interest in their hobbies. As they talk about something they enjoy, the conversation will be enjoyable for both of you as well. You can also apply these questions with your Educall Academy teachers and see how well they will respond to these questions. You will see the result yourself and you will sound more natural every time you use these phrases. 



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