Infinitive of Purpose

There many ways to show your reason for doing something. You can explain the factor causing your activity by using linking words such as “because, since, as, in that, this is because, in asmuch as, by reason of, etc.”. We also use “to + infinitive” structure to explain why we do something and present the purpose. It gives the information about reason for doing the main verb. 


·         I came here to learn English.                                        came = main activity  / learn = the reason

(= I came here because I wanted to learn English. )

·         We exercise regularly to lose weight.                     exercise = main verb  /  lose = the reason

(= We exercise regulary because we want to lose weight.)

·         He went on holiday to get away for a while.       went = main verb  /  get away = the reason

(= He went on holiday because he wanted to get away for a while.)

·         She rushed to catch the bus.                                        rushed = main verb  /  catch = the reason

(= She rushed because she would catch the bus.)


·         They booked their room in advance not to have any trouble.

(= They booked their room in advance because they did not want to have any trouble.)


·         We are saving up money to buy a new house.

(= We are saving up money because we are planning to buy a new house.)


·         He took a cab to arrive on time.

(= He took a cab because he wanted to arrive on time.)


·         We set alarm on to wake up early.

(= We set alarm on because we want to wake up early.)


·         I followed the instructions not to make any mistakes.

(= I followed the instructions because I didn’t want to make any mistakes.)


·         You should drive carefully not to have an accident.

(= You should drive carefully, because you wouldn’t want to have an accident.)


·         They will accept their offer to make a profit.

(= They will accept their offer because they want to make a profit.)

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