Internet Terms

Internet terms that we used in daily speech and written conversation are important to learn as we live in an era in which technology is advancing every day. This blog will be helpful especially if you are searching for similar topics about the internet. When learning English, it is recommended to switch your phone or laptop’s language to English so that you will be exposed to English every day. If you also want to apply this method, the internet terms that we will talk about today will make your transaction so much easier. For you to better understand these terms, we will give you explanations with related examples about the internet terms below. Searching for more examples in your free time can also fasten the process of acquiring these terms.


1) Switch sth on / off: 

Turn sth on/off by pressing a button or switch.

e.g. I’m switching off the computer if you don’t want to use it.


2) Browser: a program that lets you look at or read documents on the Internet such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

e.g. My web browser is Google Chrome as it is the fastest one.


3) Domain name: it indicates the network domain in which the webpage is stored.

e.g. Domain name for the website is:


4)  Download: to move data to a smaller computer system from a larger one.

e.g. You need to download this file to see it.


5) Upload: move data to a larger computer system from a smaller one.

e.g. Do you want to upload this photo to Instagram?


6) WiFi:

 Wireless Fidelity = a system for connecting electronic equipment like computers, smartphones, etc., and electronic organizers to the Internet without using wires.

e.g. Starbucks has the best WiFi in this neighborhood.


7) Log in / on: to perform the actions that allow you to begin using a computer system.

e.g. If you already have an account, you just need to log in to use your email.


8) Log off / out: to perform the actions that allow you to finish using a computer system.

e.g. When you are using an unfamiliar computer, don’t forget to log out. 


9) Scroll up/down: move text on a computer up or down so that you can read different parts of it.

e.g. Scroll down to the end to see the date of the website.


10) Print out: to produce a document or information from a computer in printed form.

e.g. You can print out the documents from the company’s printer. 


How to Practice Internet Terms with Educall Academy

Now that we have seen common internet terms together, the only thing left is to practice them with native speakers. If you live in a country that English is not the native language, you can always practice internet terms and more with our native teachers in Educall Academy. They will help you to better understand these terms and correct you if you happen to make mistakes. This way, the acquiring process of internet terms will be completed and you will be ready to use them in any situation.

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