Learn Useful Phrases and Expressions Before Traveling

Have you ever been abroad? If your answer is yes, you must know that how challenging it could be to communicate. When you especially have a problem at the airport or lose your way somewhere in the city, you may need some words or phrases to ask for help. It is better to get prepared for those situations. The best way of dealing with those problems is by selecting the right words to express yourself. If you think that you know how to handle these issues, your English must be good enough. If you want to check your English level, you can have our English Level Test on Educall for free.

English is one of the most spoken languages all over the world. So, you may speak English easily with most people to communicate, request, explain your situation. I have listed some useful phrases and questions to help you communicate during your travel and journey. Check out & grasp the key points for your next travel plans.


At the Airport

At the Airport


To delay: If your flight is delayed, it means the plane will take off later than expected flying time.

Check-in desk: A place where you can show your ticket and give your luggages.

Customs: The place where belongings, clothes and people are controlled before entering a county.

Baggage allowance: The maximum weight for your bags you can take aside with you.

To board: to get on a plane.

Boarding pass / boarding card: It shows a passenger to board an aircraft (aeroplane).

Boarding gate: A passageway where people show the boarding pass and get on the plane.

Flight time / departure time: The time that the plane leaves.

Departure lounge: A large room in an airport to have a rest before the flight.

Cancelled: When your flight is “cancelled”, it won`t take off for the planned place on the supposed time.

I would like…

I would like to know what time my flight leaves. My flight number is….

Be sure you about time your flight get to your destination.

What airline am I flying with?  The owner company of the plane

What gate is for Flight (a number) to (a place)?

Can I have a window / aisle seat, please?

Excuse me. Where is boarding gate (a number)?

Where is the restroom (a bathroom, a washroom, the toilets)?

How much does the magazine (water bottle, snack (a small meal) or book.) cost?

Do you know why my flight is delayed? What time does the flight from……arrive? . I have to catch a connecting flight.

What time is the next flight to….? I have missed my flight.

Could you tell me how I can go to the city?

Could you help me please? I would like a one-way ticket/return ticket to….

How many pieces of hand luggage/carry-on luggage am I allowed?

Could you tell me where I can change my money?

Could you tell me where I can rent/hire a car?

Where can I get my baggage?

Can you recommend an economical hotel?


At Customs

After the plane lands, the most stressful part of the flight comes for travelers: customs. This is the place where you explain the reason of your arrival to the country and tell the authority what your intentions are. Just relax! These phrases will help you a lot.

I have a connecting flight.

I am traveling for leisure. If you’re traveling for fun or for vacation, use this phrase to let the officer know.

I am traveling for work. If you’re on a business travel, this phrase will tell the officer that.

I will be here for ___ days.

I am visiting family.

I am staying at _____. The customs officer may ask you the name of your hotel.

At the Hotel

At the Hotel

The place of accomodation is very important to have a good rest after wandering around the city. The following phrases will be useful for you.


Does the room have a bathroom?

How many beds are in the room?

I would like one queen bed, please. One that allows two people to sleep comfortably on it.

I would like to book a single room / a double room, please.

How much is a double room per night?

I’m arriving late. Please keep my reservation.

What floor am I on?

Where are the elevators?

How do I access the Internet?

Is there free breakfast? Some hotels include a small breakfast free of charge.

My room needs towels.

My room is messy, and I would like it cleaned.

How do I call for room service? It means someone will come up to your room to deliver food.

How do I call down to the front desk? The front desk is another word for the reception desk.

When does the dining-room open?

When is breakfast served?

Where can I keep my belongins?

Do you have a bus service to and from the airport?

The air-conditioner is not working.


Around Town

Check out phrases below to get help around the city.


Where can I find a grocery store?

Where is the hospital?

Where can I find a restaurant?

Where is the bank?

How do you get to ____? Using this phrase, you can ask how to get to the places you wanted to visit.

How far is it to _____? To understand if a place is close to walk to or if you should take a taxi or a bus.

How much does it cost to take a taxi to this address?

Let me off here

Keep the change.

Where can I change money.

Is there an ATM machine around here?


At a Restaurant

At a Restaurant

Check out these helpful restaurant phrases to be able to order food at the end of a tiring day.


A table for two/four. The number indicates how many people will be eating with you

I would like to drink...

May I see a menu?

I would like to order ____.

I’ll have soup/ a salad/ a hamburger/chicken. Don’t eat beef? Try some chicken.

I’ll have an appetizer. An appetizer is a small dish you eat before the main course.

I would like dessert. 

May I have the bill? The bill shows how much you have to pay after you eat the meal.

Hopefully, you won’t have any issues during your travel and need those phrases. It’s better to be prepared, anyway!

Have fun during your trip!

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