Learning and Memorizing Vocabulary Effectively

Learning a new language is hard but what is harder is to learn the vocabulary for that new language that you are trying to learn. Some people learn by seeing, some by writing and some by hearing. Which one are you?

There are a lot of ways; applications, e-mail chains and memory games that try to make you memorize. In this article, we will go through some of them.

One of the ways that you can memorize new vocabulary is by writing them down and also hanging up to somewhere that you see often. For example, your desk at work or your fridge in the house. Because even though you are not looking or reading the words, your subconscious is already receiving the new vocabulary.

Using the newly learned vocabulary in a sentence is one of the better ways to memorize a new word. Because when you use it in your own sentence, it is easier to remember them.

Be competitive. Play scrabble or some word games with your friends and take the games seriously when you beat your friend in a game, it is easier to remember the new words because you can just say "I beat my friend with this word."

Watch and listen. There are a lot of videos, podcasts and ted talks that you can listen to and also watch. This is also very informative too. You can listen to anything you want and also the bright side is that you learn some new words too.

You can turn to learn new vocabulary to a fun game of breaking apart the vocabulary too. Most of the English words come from Latin, and every suffix, root, and prefix have a meaning in Latin. If you know enough roots, suffixes, and prefixes you can always guess the meaning. So breaking the words apart is also a fun way to learn new words.

You can take word quizzes and also you can play some word games on Educall too. Our "Edugames" will be useful for you.

Writing out the words repeatedly. This way you can kill two birds with one stone. Because you both memorize the words and also know how to spell that word too.

Watching movies and series. This is always helpful in any language you want to learn in every aspect. Because you are hearing the daily conversation, you are learning new vocabulary, and thus you also improve your comprehension.

Using a thesaurus. There is a lot of words that mean the same thing. Learning the synonyms is always useful and helpful.

Explain the meaning in the language you are learning now. Making your own meaning in the target language is helpful too because you are making sentences with that word too.

Repeat, repeat and also repeat. If you repeat the same word enough, you will definitely remember. You can write down the new vocabulary in your calendar for each and every day, that way you can see it all the time, also you can see the past vocabulary that you learned the days before too.

Select common or useful words. It will be relevant to remember if you choose a simple and mostly used word.

Try to associate the word to something. Find keywords to remember them by.

In conclusion, remember words are difficult but if you apply these steps it will be easier to memorize.

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