Listening Skills Challenge

There are three aspects to learning a language: speaking, writing, and listening. Unless you watch English speaking television shows all the time or have English speaking friends to listen to, increasing your listening skills can be difficult. Below is a video from National Geographic. The video is in English. Watch the video. Watch the video a couple of times. Try to carefully listen to what is being said in the video. I have included a list of questions about the details of the video. See if you can answer the questions by listening and not reading the subtitles. Good luck and I hope this helps improve your listening skills!


  • Where does the Howler monkey’s habit span?

  • How does the video describe the sound the monkey makes?

  • What causes the monkey’s sound to be so loud?
  • Do male monkeys or female monkeys make the howling sound?
  • Why do the monkeys make the sound?
  • Where do the monkeys live?
  • What do they eat?
  • How many hours do the monkeys sleep in a day?


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