Do you have any idea what we're talking about? Well, if you like to chat a lot in English you know exactly what these acronyms mean. Still, let us explain if you are not familiar with this. LOL, YOLO, ASAP, and many, many others are abbreviations and acronyms that we use daily when texting someone in English. Actually, not just in English. They are used all over the world. Interesting, right?

It's called Internet slang and it is becoming more and more popular, day by day. Even some of the abbreviations like ASAP (as soon as possible), FYI (for your information) and IMO (in my opinion) are used in the professional world, mostly in writing emails.
How it all started? Why did we stop writing complete words? When you text someone, you want to write a message as fast as it is possible. Like the other person cannot wait for your reply! In our mind, texting is like talking to someone. When we talk, we don't think about time. We don't stop until we finish with our stories, or we are trying to engage another person in our story. No matter what we are doing, the same thing applies to texting someone. We hate pauses when we are waiting for replies, we hate those ugly smiley faces and we hate long messages. Yes, we hate them! Why? Well, it takes time to read that! For this reason, we like acronyms. Also, let's not forget, if we are in a hurry and we need to text someone, acronyms are our best friends. Something positive, right?

One of the first acronyms people started using on the Internet was LOL (laugh(ing) out loud). Not only that we use this online but also face-to-face conversations. You can often hear ''LOL, me too!''
What is more, since 2011 it is an official acronym in the English dictionary. It seems that Internet slang is taking over everyday language.

Another interesting example is ''BAE'' (babe, baby). You probably heard about this one if you listened to Pharell and Miley Cyrus's song called ''Come get it, bae.'' After they used it in a song, it increased the popularity of this, new acronym. Also, there is an article published in the British magazine Esquire about this fascinating new ''word''. Why do we write ''word?'' Because it is becoming to be used as a word in sentences and very soon, people will use it in everyday speech. Young generation like it, older generations believe this is dumbing down the English language. What do you think?
If you don't like it, don't use it because it will make you feel uncomfortable. But if you find it useful, we prepared a list of the trending terms so you may want to take a look at all of them:

AFK - Away from keyboard

AKA - Also known as

BTW - By the way

BRB - Be right back

CU - See you

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

IDC - I don't care

ILY - I love you

JK - Just kidding

OMW - On my way

PPL – People

THX - Thanks

TTYS - Talk to you soon

YOLO - You only live once



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