Make it interesting, not boring!

“What’s your name?”

“Where are you from?”

“The weather is really nice today.” – boring, isn't it? 
Yes, it is!

Have you, at any point, needed to have astounding discussions in English?

Those profound discussions you have with your closest companions, relatives, or sweetheart, where you talk about one another's history, diversions, objectives, or needs throughout everyday life. You talk about worldwide issues and subjects that are essential to mankind.

Those discussions that make you think about something you have never thought before. They empower and motivate you to carry on with your best life and pursue your euphoria.

Being interesting in speaking English is pretty much simple. There is definitely not a confusing recipe to turn into a fascinating English speaker. Here are some tips that can be useful to you:


1. Ask questions

Rather than concentrating on yourself, try to find out more about the individual you are talking with.

Ask questions. Listen effectively. Participate in an important manner. Listen to what they're talking about. At that point, ask even more questions.

Research shows that if you use this method it will help you to not only enjoy your beautiful conversation but also it will make people want to talk with you more often.

Keep in mind that people love to talk to others about their lives, their achievements, their exhausting working days, etc. If you show them that time they spend with you is valuable and interesting, they will want to have another fabulous conversation with such a good speaker as you are.


2.   Express yourself!


When you bring to light your real self, people around you will do the same. It's a truly reviving feeling.

People will start being more open and powerless during the conversations. You will be in charge. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable. 

Thusly, your discussions will start becoming more and more interesting. Rather than choosing boring or basic themes, you may discuss more captivating subjects, for example, relationships, traveling, otherworldliness, culture, new business thoughts, dreams, or future.

Still, don't forget. Be yourself. Don't pretend, because this will not help you. Reveal your true feelings and don't be afraid to share them with people you are talking with. In this way, you will show them you're as vulnerable as they are. All of us are. This is natural so, don't avoid expressing what you really think.


3. Tell a great story!


Narrating (storytelling) is an extremely valuable conversational expertise to have. When you share a very good story with people, you draw attention to yourself.

You make them listen to you carefully and they become impatient to hear what will happen next.

Each and every detail matters when you are telling your story. People who listen to your story and trying to imagine everything you say. Be creative! Don't include too many details. Try to describe the atmosphere, mention the place, sounds, colors, people and other simple things they can imagine. Don't speak too loudly or too fast. P.s. Sometimes it's good to say something funny as well!

Also, it is desirable to engage your audience as well. No matter if they know the answer or not, you should ask them some questions or ask for their opinion. For example, what do they think of what happened at the end of your story? You will have fun all together by listening to different answers.


4. If you still have problems starting a conversation and making it interesting, here are some starters you can use:

a) Skip the small talk. 

b) Ask for their opinion. 

c) Ask open-ended questions whenever possible.

d) Ask them a question — that's easy to answer

e) Ask for their advice or recommendations.

Don't be afraid. Enjoy while speaking English.



1.      Astounding – impressive, notable.

2.      Profound – having or showing a great knowledge or insight.

3.      Bring to light – reveal.

4.      Vulnerable - susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

5.      Captivating - capable of attracting and holding interest; charming

6.      Otherworldliness – spirituality.

7.      Draw attention to - To induce others to look at or focus on someone.



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