New English Accent in Town!

There’s a new English accent in town!


Nope, not Southern American accent, not Scottish accent or Irish accent either.


Nope, not Indian accent or Chinese accent.


Korean? Nay.


Guess what?


It’s Gibberish accent.

This accent has been in existent for a long time throughout the history of any English speaking nations. Do you know what nationality they come from?


Minions? Nahhh.


Gibraltar? Nope.


The gibberish accent comes from a populated group that do not articulate well when speaking any language. I’m sure you’ve noticed from the many tourists that flocks into Turkey every single month that not every English speaking nationality speaks English, instead they speak gibberish English! To illustrate this new word ‘gibberish’, look at this:

With the concept of the importance of time, people are speaking faster and faster these days and they end up gibbering. Just because the trend today is tending towards that, it doesn’t mean that gibbering your way through is making yourself appear smarter, instead this is where the word “gibberish” adopted an entirely crude meaning. 


If someone tells you, “He’s talking gibberish”, that means the person is speaking rubbish – useless talk that brings no sense whatsoever – nonsense.


Tune into the next blog post to watch someone gibbering!



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