All of us are excited and looking forward to seeing the summer outside and wait hopefully the virus will end soon. We will get the taste of freedom again. Even the kids of this generation spending most of their time playing games on smartphones and watching cartoons and videos on the internet are going crazy to go out now. Who could know the pandemic disease would change their technology addiction? Nothing would be as effective as the virus is now. The virus is now rebooting all the humankind. 


Parents, kids, young and old all of you must be searching for a good after-virus plan. Here are some ways to go out and have fun to relieve stress, and stretch our muscles after a long time. We bring you a list of some engaging outdoor physical activities for you all. These activities will surely keep you and your friends happily engaged for long. It is best if all the activities are exciting and that your children have fun in the process.


Collect bugs

Find a jar, puncture some holes in the lid, and send your kids out to catch (and then release) bugs. Lightning bugs are particularly fun at night.


Enjoy a nature treasure hunt

 There are plenty of nature treasures kids love to search for, including seashells by the beach, pine cones in the forest, special rocks, and more. Many can be made into art or craft projects later on.


Set up a lemonade or bake stand

Let your kids be entrepreneurs by setting up their own lemonade or bake stand, meeting neighbors, and learning how to ‘keep shop’.


Create an obstacle course

 Help your kids set up cones, chairs, and other items available to create a challenging obstacle course. Then let the race begin!


Go stargazing

There’s amazing beauty right above you most nights! Lay down a blanket and look up at the stars together. Try to recognize different constellations in the sky. If there’s an observatory or planetarium in your community, ask if they offer free events.


Organize a neighborhood Olympics

 Bring together a group of kids of similar ages and organize different athletic challenges with prizes or home-made medals for the winners.


Go hiking

Not only does hiking work out the muscles but it also builds your endurance. It is one of the best ways to get your child to interact with nature.


Go cycling

Get on your bikes and let all the family one peddle along happily to the woods. This is good exercise and also very fun for your child.



Take your child out to the park for games like slides, swings, monkey bars, tunnels, etc. so that your child can have fun together with his friends.



Take your skateboard or rollerblades out, and have a great time on the streets of your neighborhood!



If gardening is a big part of your outdoor fun, why not plant something indoors? Something as simple/easy as planting grass can be a lot of fun- and the fun lasts for days & days because your kids will be excited to check on whatever you planted! 



One of our favorite things to do outside is to play a game or have a picnic! There’s something really fun about laying out the picnic blanket and doing those same activities! 


Blow bubbles

You know the joy that comes from blowing bubbles! Clear some space in the garden and invite your friends to blow bubbles to their hearts’ content! The bubbles' mess won’t last long!


Have a water balloon or water gunfight

As for water balloons or water gunfight, it could much fun to play in a large area with a group of friends by filling water balloons and bursting them or shooting each other with water guns in different teams. 


Run under a sprinkler

Every kid loves running under the sprinkler on a hot summer day.



What’s more fun than camping in nature?! You decide how far you want to go with this. You could go to a mountain or camp at the seaside at night. All you need to pack up some clothes, your tent, and sleeping clothes. It will be a good idea to cook your own food in nature.  



A good activity for you on hot summer afternoons would be swimming. You can go to warm seas and travel to new places. Swimming is one of the best exercises for those who are not able to cope well with too much stress on their muscles. 

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