Phrasal Verbs With Get

Phrasal verbs are made of two words, one of which is definitely a verb and the other can be an adverb or a preposition. Some phrasal verbs can take an object after themselves but others can’t get a word after themselves as an object. For example, ‘go on’ means continue and it can take an object like ‘go on writing’. However, some phrasal verbs like fall asleep don’t take an object. The most challenging part of phrasal verbs is that the meaning completely changes when the second word is added. Even though ‘go’ means walking to get a place, ‘go on’ means continue. Phrasal verbs are important because they are extremely common in informal English, and unless you are familiar with their meanings, the understanding informal language will be difficult. In addition, using phrasal verbs correctly will help you sound natural in casual conversation.  As Jim Rohn says, “Vocabulary enables us to interpret and to express. If you have a limited vocabulary, you will also have a limited vision and a limited future.”


Get across

Meaning: To communicate clearly.

Ex: The man was so stubborn that we couldn ́t get the message across and change his mind.


Get along

Meaning: To have a good relationship.

Ex: I get along very well with kids because I play with them like their friends.


Get around (1)

Meaning: To avoid or to overcome a problem, a rule, or a challenge.

Ex: I got around problems by not thinking over them.


Get around (2)

Meaning: To go from place to place.

Ex: He gets around everywhere by bike since the city has a lot of bike lanes.


Get around to (3)

Meaning: To finally do something.

Ex: We finally got round to starting the project.


Get at (1)

Meaning: To hint or to mean.

Ex: What are you getting at? Can you tell me more about the situation?


Get at (2)

Meaning: To reach so that you can take something.

Ex: Can you pass me the paper? I can ́t get at it.


Get away

Meaning: To escape.

Ex: We got away through the open window when the teacher went to see the principal.


Get away with something

Meaning: To escape responsibility.

Ex: We can’t get away with not coming to work on time by making up excuses.


Get back

Meaning: To return.

Ex: She will get back from London in May.


Get by

Meaning: To survive.

Ex: Immigrates don’t have jobs to get by in another country.


Get down (to)

Meaning: To concentrate or focus on a task.

Ex: Let ́s get down to business. We need to find a solution to the error in the system.


Get down (1)

Meaning:  To discourage.

Ex: I will get my mother down when she learns that I smoke.


Get down (2)

Meaning: To put in writing.

Ex: Can you get important points down during the meeting?


Get off

Meaning: To leave.

Ex: I got off the bus once I realized that I forgot my purse at home.


Get out

Meaning: To spread.

Ex: News gets out quickly in the hospital, so you should be more careful.

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