Many people love to go shopping to relax or relieve stress. English has many different expressions to express different moments of shopping by words. Learning a language also comes through acquiring idioms & common expressions and culture. When you have the idioms and proverbs of a language, it means your superiority over the language. That`s why we listed common shopping expressions for you to check out.


Shopping spree

Meaning: To shop and spend a lot of money in a small period of time.

Example: When I get my monthly salary, I’m going on a shopping spree!


Retail therapy

Meaning: To shop for therapy, to feel better.

She will need some retail therapy when she completes this project.


That’s a killer deal!

Meaning: Something that normally has a high price is surprisingly low and affordable.

Clothes were sold at nearly 50% discount on Mothers` Day. That’s a killer deal!


That’s a rip-off!

Meaning: Something has a price above its normal value for what it should be.

Example: They wanted a lot of money for that old car. That’s a rip-off!



Meaning: Items that are sold below their price as the shop is newly opened.

Example: That shopping site has a lot of doorbusters, you can buy anything you want like accessories and even a bike!


To slash prices

Meaning: To cut/reduce/decrease prices of products

Example: Accessories shop slashed their prices to sell outdated things.



Meaning: Allowing someone to buy or do something at the sale price, at a later date (after the sale) because the item was unavailable

Example: As the shopkeeper sent the customer the wrong information about the first sale date, he gave him a rain check.


Bargain hunting

Meaning: Looking for items to buy at the lowest price, you go bargain hunting.
Example: "During the sales, we will do bargain hunting to buy more clothes!"


It`s a bargain

Meaning: Buying something cheaper than its normal price

Example: You found that jacket at the back of the shop, and at that price, it's a bargain!


To shoplift

Meaning: To steal/take something from a store without paying money for it.

Example:  He was caught shoplifting.


Shopping therapy

Meaning: Believing that shopping helps you to deal with your bad mood, and makes you relieved.

Example: She had gone crazy, and the only way to calm her down was shopping therapy.


I can`t afford it

Meaning: Something has a price over your money to buy it.
Example: It is a fancy dress but I can't afford it!


It costs an arm and leg

Meaning: Something that costs an arm and a leg, it is very expensive.
Example: Those shoes cost an arm and a leg!


It costs a fortune

Meaning: Something that costs a fortune is very expensive.
Example: Buying that ring for his fiancée costs a fortune!


Fit like a glove

Meaning: If something you wear (jewelry or clothes) fits like a glove, it means fit perfectly.

Example: He seems so handsome, that suit fits like a glove, doesn’t it?


Hit the shops/streets

Meaning: Going to the shops to buy many clothes or to spend much time there

Example: After the mid-term exams, we are going to hit the shops in the city.


It`s a steal

Meaning: Something is unexpectedly cheap

Example: "At that price, it's a steal. You won't find it cheaper in any other shop."


It`s good value for money

Meaning: Something that is good value for money is worth the money paid.
Example: Ferrari cars are magnificent so they are good value for money.


It`s a bit pricey

Meaning: A bit pricey good is expensive.
Example: Shopping on this street is a bit pricey for teens like us.


Shop around

Meaning: To shop in different stores to find the best product (price, style, etc.).

Example: Before you buy a new phone, you should shop around at different stores to compare the different features.


Shop till you drop

Meaning: To do the shopping for a very long time until you can’t carry shopping bags.

Example: “Many women love to shop till they drop; however, this is not as common in most men.”


Window shopping

Meaning: To look at things in shop windows without any purpose of buying.

 Example: I can only go window shopping until my monthly wage is sent to my account.


Shop around

Meaning: To go to different shops to look for cheap prices.

Example: I think I can purchase these clothes all for a cheaper price. I’m going to shop around.


To pay one’s way

Meaning: A situation where people go together to a place and everyone pay for oneself.

Example: I’m going to pay my way. You don’t need to pay for me.


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