Stan Lee - Stanley Martin Lieber

He was an American comics writer, publisher, editor and also a presenter.  He created world famous characters such as Spider Man, Fantastic Four, X-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil and Hulk. He was born in December 1922 and died in November 2018. Even if he was at the age of 95, his death made sad and overwhelmed millions of people around the world.

His family had difficulties in making a living and he left school. He started working for a comics publishing company which was called then “Timely” and used different names as his signature. Afterwards he picked up the name Stan Lee. He changed the company’s name “Timely” as Marvel Comics. He went on creating new characters. Initially, he wrote western, science fiction and horror stories. In the 1950s he started writing comics on superheros. First he wrote Fantastic Four. Hulk came soon after it. And his third biggest man was Spider Man. Daredevil followed Spider Man. All these characters made him extremely successful and easily we can call him genius of his time. His contribution to the comics world is huge. The TV Series in which Stan Lee presented his superheros were serialised in Turkey in 2013.

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