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Who doesn’t like a good story, right? Stories are one of the deeply rooted traditions of humankind. Everyone from every age enjoys listening to stories and gets lost in different lives and adventures. They also connect people and make us empathize with each other. That’s why when you are learning a new language, stories can help you learn that language in a fun and easy way. You can learn vocabulary and grammar so much faster for you will be lost in the story,

However, what if you are just too busy? What if you get sleepy when reading books? Or what if you hate reading books?! When learning a new language, it is difficult to make time for it, especially if you live in a country that English isn’t the native language. If you also suffer from these problems, then this blog is just for you.

Stories don’t always have to be long or written. They can be short, fun, and animated. Today, in this blog, I will talk about some YouTube animators with storytelling channels. This is a great way to learn English because the videos are usually short so you can practice every day with lots of content. Moreover, you learn so much about daily speech and culture while watching cute animations. It is also good to learn pronunciation as the speakers are natives and speak slowly. I will recommend three YouTubers who talk about their lives with very interesting animation in the background.

Domic Storytelling YouTube Channel

Domic is a channel that the animator makes amazing drawings and visuals that you easily get lost in the story. The YouTuber discusses and tells his life experiences, opinions, and ideas under one specific topic. He has been doing storytelling for a very long time so you can find my topics that you will enjoy. The channel’s name comes from the combination of the YouTube name ‘Dominic’ and the word ‘comic’. He is great to learn some new vocabulary and idioms and his sense of humor is hilarious.

You can check out one of his storytelling that he mentions common idioms and how they don’t make sense for him. This video is one of my favorites but if this doesn’t suit you, please check out his channel for different contexts.

Illymation Storytelling YouTube Channel

Illymation is another YouTube channel that tells stories with animation but this channel also goes into deep topics. The channel name again comes from the combination of ‘Ilyssa’ (the animator’s name) and the word ‘animation’. Unlike Domic, the animator of this channel also talks about her personal life and the troubles she went through before. This makes the channel more personal and you get a better understanding of the culture, lifestyle of America and what sort of people you can encounter there through stories of this fun young lady. However, if you just want to have fun and laugh, she also has many stories on comedic topics so you are free to choose what you want to learn from her.

The reason we recommend this channel is that you can actually learn so much about American culture and her speech has so many phrases that you can hear in the native country but maybe not in series and movies. For this reason, this channel might be better for a more advanced level but if you want to become like a native, you should definitely check this channel.

In this video, the animator tells the story of how she got her name in a very interesting way.

Let me Explain Studious Storytelling YouTube Channel

As you can understand from the name of the channel, the animator explains her opinions, experiences, and observations while making them into stories. We choose this channel because the animator is a real actress in real life so she has a very impressive way of speech and I think she is a good example to learn pronunciation and accent. Another thing is the animator of this channel has a very good sense of humor and a unique way to express herself so you never get bored. The only weird thing is that she doesn’t draw mouths into her animation and she even explains the reason for this on her YouTube channel. So at first, it can come off as weird but when you get used to it, I think she is very fun to listen to.

In this video that I recommend, she talks about dumb things she does so please enjoy this fun video and check out her channel for more.

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