Take a Look at Facebook

We all know that social media becomes popular each day. One of the reasons for that is the restrictions around the world. The more we are stuck at home, the more we start using social media. Therefore, in this blog, we want to offer you a good way to learn English while staying in your home safely. In order to learn a language, it is best to be productive about it. You should be active so that the learning will be permanent. Moreover, it is best to interact with native speakers. Interaction with native speakers will show you how to sound more natural while speaking in English. 
Now that we understand the basics of learning a language, let me introduce you to a new method to be an active learner of English. You can easily use Facebook to meet with native speakers and learn the language of the speakers. No, I’m not suggesting messaging random strangers on Facebook. You can join Facebook groups that you like and comment on the posts. You can choose specific pages that suit you and you can start being an active member in those groups. 
I will recommend three concepts that you can search and join on Facebook to improve your English in the comfort of your house.

1) Support Groups 
Especially due to corona, there are many support groups for people on Facebook. These groups can provide you a more personal interaction and you can see the similar struggles of people from another country. You can look for specific support groups for anxiety, depression, and grief. This way you can actually write meaningful comments and feel less alone in your own struggle. You can actually reach beneficial information for your own situation as well. You can share a post about your own situation and get good advice that you can use in real life. These groups can help you make friends because you will see and support a personal struggle of others which causes people to connect easily.

2) Fandom Groups
If you want to relax after work and you really enjoy watching series and movies, these groups are just for you. You can find many fan pages about a TV show you watch and you can interact with people who share the same interest with you. You can joke around in those groups so the atmosphere is more friendly and relax. If you watch anime, cartoons, or maybe you are a fan of specific books, I’m sure you can find a fan page about that on Facebook easily. The important thing here is that make sure the page is sharing posts regularly and has a big audience. Otherwise, you can’t see any posts so you can’t be active as well. Now that you learn the necessary points about it, think about the shows that you really loved and maybe watch a couple of times. After you find the good shows, you can search about them on Facebook and just click join.

3) Groups about Hobbies
There are lots of pages about hobbies which include everything. Therefore, if you have a hobby that you are really into, you can join those pages and meet with people who shares the same interest as you. These are especially good as you can find some online events about those hobbies and you can really improve your hobbies with the new knowledge. You can also share your own doings with other people and feel the positivity on the page. You are especially lucky if you have some hobbies that you can do at home in those coronavirus times. This will help you to talk to other people as you have a common topic to talk about. The conversation will be meaningful and you will definitely learn lots of words that you will remember for a long time.

With these methods, you can definitely learn new words and grammar easily and you will find good friends on the Internet. I hope you like these ideas, make sure that you apply them to your life as well. 

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