Time Idioms

Time flies on Educall, doesn’t it? Certainly, it does, and we don’t understand how time passes while we are talking to our students. Today, we will learn a few time idioms. You may have seen some of them before, but I believe it will be a good practice especially for our ultra-busy students. Whenever we call you, some of you work in the office or you are in rush. You will find useful some of these idioms to express your hectic day.


1. Around the clock

    Meaning: All the time

   Ex: The market is open around the clock, we can drop by and some crisps.


2. Behind the time

    Meaning: Not being aware of or using the latest ideas or techniques; out of date.

    Ex: My parents are behind the times, they still listen to the radio.


3. Carry the day

    Meaning: To be successful, to win a competition or battle.

    Ex: Overnights will carry the day.


4. Clean your clock

    Meaning: To beat someone in a game of sport or skill.

    Ex: Let’s have another round, I will clean your clock.


5. Crunch time

    Meaning: A critical moment or period to make an important decision that will have a considerable effect on your future.

    Ex: The new worker came in the crunch time, and she sorted out the puzzle.


6. Day in the sun

    Meaning: A period of being popular or getting a lot of attention.

    Ex: After my hard work, I am having a day in the sun.


7. Don't know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon

   Meaning: Not knowing what to do.

   Ex: I have an innovative idea but I don't know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon.


8. Dwell on the past

    Meaning: Thinking too much about the past.

    Ex: You have to accept that he's gone and dwelling on the past.


9. Feast today, famine tomorrow

    Meaning: It means that you use up everything you have today so tomorrow you won’t anything left.

    Ex: He has spent all his money but it is like feast today famine tomorrow.


10. Full of the joys of spring

     Meaning: To be very happy and energetic.

     Ex: After his journey, he seemed to be full of the joys of spring.


11. Here today, gone tomorrow

      Meaning: Something that lasts only a short time.

      Ex: She gives promises to help the project but her words are here today, gone tomorrow.


12. In an instant

      Meaning: To happen very rapidly.

      Ex: I shall be back in an instant.


13. Just in the nick of time

      Meaning: At the last possible moment.

      Ex: I lost half of my time and I could hand in the assignment just in the nick of time.


14. Like clockwork

      Meaning: To happen at very regular times or intervals.

      Ex: I hope everything goes like clockwork before the meeting.


15. Make my day

      Meaning: Something makes you happy.

      Ex: You made our day by bringing a bunch of flowers.

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