Up the Movie video

Test your comprehension and listening skills by watching the video and answer the questions below!

What time of the day did the old man open the door?

a. Morning

                                                                                           b. Afternoon                                                                                         

c. Evening

d. Night

What is the name of the boy?

a. Jack

b. Bob

c. Russell

d. Daisy

What number of Wilderness Tribe is the boy participating in?

a. 54

b. 53

c. 70

d. 45

What is the boy asking the old man?

a. If he is in need of any assistance

b. If he can cook

c. If he can do cleaning

d. If he would like to go shopping

What kind of other help did the boy offer the old man?

a. He could go and play football

b. He could help to cross the street

c. He could mow the lawn

d. He could drive

What did the old man reply?

a. Yes

b. Maybe

c. No

d. Thank You

What did the old man do after he closed the door?

a. Walked back to his couch and continue to watch TV

b. He went to sleep

c. He invited the boy to come in

d. He listened at the door


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