Visual learners

Learning a language is definitely hard. And everyone learns languages differently. Some people prefer to take notes and directly study grammar rules. Others make like to listen to songs and videos. Some learn a language by reading. If you like to learn through images and pictures, then you are a visual learner. While we at Educall believe that speaking a language every day is the best form of practice and way to learn a language, there are other activities that can help the learning process. Games are always a fun way to learn and practice language. With games you don’t feel like you are studying and there are no risks.

Drawing your vocabulary 

Have a talent for drawing or a general interest? This is a great way to practice your drawing skills and learn your vocabulary. To study your vocabulary try drawing the word on small pieces of paper. Once you are finished, test yourself with your drawings to see if you remember the vocabulary. This may not work for all vocabulary, especially abstract words.

Vocabulary Cartoons 

Check out vocabulary cartoons. A more formal mode of learning. These are a unique way to learn vocabulary. They give you the word and definition, example sentences, and a cartoon to help you understand the word. You might be able to find these cartoons online, but a better option might be to buy a vocabulary cartoon book.




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