Ways To Make Studying English Amusing part 1: PUT ON SOME MUSIC

Study. Oh don’t you just detest that word? Particularly when you’re studying English as a secondary language, studying a language that is not your native tongue is hard indeed.

Have you ever wonder if there’s a simple and fun way to make studying English fun? We run down a list of various ways to put on color into your studying hours.


Listening to music while studying English can wake your thoughts and put you in a better mood for studying. But, the lyrics to a song may break your concentration from studying. Be sure that the songs that you listen to are English songs so that it would also improve your vocabulary.

Go for a good playlist of delighted, yet soothing songs to aid you feel relaxed while studying English. Keep the volume mid to minimum level to avoid distraction of your train of idea. We advise playlists from Spotify as one of your kits while studying. It’s downloadable for free for Windows, iOS, Android and even Personal Computer users!

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