What Makes A Good Teacher?

1-Always focus on the positive aspects of your classroom. Every class has something that is positive to appreciate. Every class has at least one student who appreciates who you are, wants you to teach them, will do his/her best to learn and wants to respect you.

2-Give positive reinforcement to well-behaved students.

By shifting the focus to positive comments rather than constant negative ones, students will often try to get a positive comment and act acordingly.

3-Choose 'And English student of the week is...'.The criteria could be passed in all homework,present during all classes,paricipated in class,positive attitude and good effort. You could give to this student a reward and also sent a letter home to his/her parents informing them of their child's success that week.

4-Always keep parents involved in their child's progress.They can be a big support to you as a Teacher

5-Use a point system that is displayed on the board that you have in the classroom. Each student's name is on the board with 3 smiley faces or stars or whatever kind of other symbol you want to use. When a student has misbehaved, you take away the smiley face. When a student has 0 smiley faces they are given a homework or assignment for that day.

6-Choose student class leaders who can help you monitor sections of the class if your class is quite large.They can try to encourge their friends in doing well,paying attention and foscusing on the lesson being explained.

7-Always remember what the class is doing well. Don't always focus on what the class is lacking and doing poorly.Every class has its strengths.

8-Don't be hard on yourself,don't you think that you're not doing your job right.You're a teacher and a learner at the same time.We are forever learners in this process of teaching so be patient with yourself.Step by step and you'll be the teacher you always dreamt of having. Your students will thank you for it.

9-Believe in yourself. Even if you aren't totally confident always act like you are completely confident. When you have self confidence others will trust you. You need your students to trust you so always act like you know what you are doing.

10-Reflect after lessons. When a lesson is finished ask yourself: What went well? What didn't go well? What would I change? What would I do the same? How can I do this activity next time? By reflecting on the lessons we have taught we are learning from our mistakes and doing the very best next time.


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