Why are we shy about speaking English?

    If you go and ask in the streets, everyone will say that they know English. But when asked to speak, they cower. Why? 

  • They are afraid that they will make a mistake. They are shy because they think that making those mistakes will embarrass them.
  • They think their pronunciation is bad.
  • They want to speak perfectly so they think too much while talking.
  • They think in their native language, so they cannot form a sentence as complex as they want.
  • Absence of grammar.
  • When they are first taught English at school, it was not focused on talking, it was mostly about how to write or how to form a sentence.
  • They have no practice, meaning they do not talk in English or do not have the chance to.
  • Lack of vocabulary.
  • They see English as a lesson only and they are not interested in it.

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