DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) Mary enjoys the sofa _________ she spends a lot of time there.

2:) My sister will have to cancel her party next week. She wishes she __________ cancel it, but she’s broken her leg.

3:) When I saw her, I knew we_______________before.

4:) I ......................... the house every Saturday.

5:) We are happy. We _____ smiling.

6:) She_________will refuse your offer.

7:) Hasan: '___________university did you go to?' Gul: 'I went to Yeditepe University.'

8:) I feel very tired. I ______ go straight to bed.

9:) I _________________ at the Hilton Hotel, if anything happens and you need to contact me.

10:) Someone ________ my money! Shoot!

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