DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) My grandmother___________me a postcard every New Year.

2:) Oh! This soup tastes horrible! There isn’t ____________salt in it!

3:) She _____ at a very luxurious hotel now.

4:) Would you like me to call you a taxi? This question implies:

5:) Gul: ''I’m exhausted today.'' Arman: ''___________.''

6:) A: Do you have many English novels? B: No, just ____________.

7:) How did your sister get her lawyer __________ care of the problem so quickly?

8:) I can’t find my mobile phone___________.

9:) If you cut down on your smoking, you_____________that I’m right.

10:) Where are_____? They are not in the classroom!

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