DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) _______________ his brave action, he earned many sympathies.

2:) (On the phone) A : Hello. __________ Jim Sparks. May I __________ Ms. Croydon ? B : Certainly, Mr. Sparks. Please __________ , I’ll __________ .

3:) Why___________sunglasses in such a cloudy weather?

4:) Hey! Don’t __________ the queue! We’re all waiting here!

5:) My mother______________for me, but now my wife cooks at home for me.

6:) Their father always wanted that his children look after__________and live their own lives.

7:) We_____________ stuck in traffic for hours. There _____________ a pileup on the road.

8:) We____________in London for six months.

9:) When I was on holiday in Bodrum, I didn't buy_______postcards because I had a camera and took many pictures myself.

10:) A : Excuse me. I __________ a digital camera. Which is __________ ? B : The ZX300. But it’s not __________ . How much can you spend ?

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