DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) I made my boy friend __________his mother and buy her some flowers.

2:) I __________ this British food. __________ something else, shall we ?

3:) My brother got up___________had a shower.

4:) They have been chatting .................. the last two hours.

5:) Who ______________ the match?

6:) I decided to study hard ______________ I could pass all my exams.

7:) You have ___________ more book than your brother.

8:) There was a______________ noise in the street while we were trying to focus on our tests.

9:) The window was open and a bird ___________ into the room.

10:) Kerem: __________? You smell of beer. Zeynep: What? That’s ridiculous! You know I hate spirits.

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