DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) I was sleeping when Tom called.She said (that) she_______________ when Julie called.

2:) _________newspaper do you read – Hurriyet or Sozcu?

3:) Melis plans_________a career as a teacher.

4:) You _____________________ TV this evening again. What is wrong with you, Jack? You are a snappy person.

5:) My grandfather_____________this camera when he was a teenager, but I doubt it.

6:) I need a drink. I think I’ll head to the kitchen. There must be_____________ beer or something in the fridge.

7:) Morgan is not in, but she __________ by the time you _________ .

8:) I hope you _______________ the elections to be held soon.

9:) When I finish this course, I_______________ to the next level

10:) I _______________ my breakfast in 5 minutes.

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