DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) Did you sweep the floor? No it didn’t need __________

2:) I was sure that I ___________ this place before.

3:) (A soccer game commentary): Hattner __________ the ball to Wiggs. Wiggs __________ inside, but Furley __________ it back for United.

4:) A baby learns the meaning of words as_________are spoken by others and later uses_________in sentences.

5:) WhileI was driving, the car ___________ broke down.

6:) What_______you _______wear at school?

7:) ____________ being late he didn’t knock on the door.

8:) There is an accident in Beylikduzu. Please, someone call _____ police!

9:) The forensic evidence showed that he ____________________the room door just before he was murdered.

10:) By the time David gets to the airport, we ______ for over three hours!

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