DEMO Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1:) I need a drink. I think I’ll head to the kitchen. There must be_____________ beer or something in the fridge.

2:) I had one of the ___________vacations of my life last summer.

3:) 'Our policies will be good for the country.' said the spokesperson. Report this sentence:

4:) _______________to Aksaray? If so, will you take me, too?

5:) They ____________(rush) him to the hospital after he _____________(feel) pain in his chest.

6:) David and Paul_______________a fire.

7:) I know that imp very well. His eyes________________with mischief for quite a long time.

8:) I won't________anybody_________my new automobile.

9:) The earth was believed__________flat.

10:) My nickname in the office is 'Hard Case',__________?

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