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    İngilizce Öğrenmek

    Birkaç Adımda Eğlenerek İngilizce Öğrenme

    Yabancı dil öğrenmenin yegâne yolu onu kullanmaktır. Başka türlü katiyen olmaz. Ders kitapları ile kendinizi kasıp kusursuz bir gramere sahip olsanız dahi bir gün size ”hadi İngilizceni kullan” denildiğinde zorlanırsınız. Konuşamaz, yazamazsınız. ..

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    İngilizce Sözler-Videolar

    Colourful idioms

    Please watch the video. Everybody loves to learn new vocabulary. :) Unfortunately sometimes we forget about idioms. They can make our life easier, and show our high level of knowing the foreign language. :) I hope that all colourful idioms from the video you will use in everyday life. :) &n..

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    İngilizce Öğrenmek

    -British vs. American English-

    How many times did you have problems with recognizing British and American words? It's the same language but each of these countries has got various names on the same thing.  Did you know about it? Here are few the most common words in the big picture. :)  ..

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    Common Grammar Mistakes

    -Common Grammar Mistakes in English Language-

    If you’re currently in the process of learning English, and you’re struggling to get to grips with our grammar, don’t take it to heart. A huge number of native English speakers make frequent English slip-ups that bring on the wrath of the UK’s army of grammar pedants, and ..

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    Practical English

    -Speak with fluency like a native – The basic aspects of Speaking-

    Do you often feel that you lack that natural flow of the English language in your life? Have you studied English a lot and sometimes overloaded yourself with too much memorisation and comprehension of what English is about? But still, there are times that you feel unnatural when you speak as if you ..

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    -Prepositions for your daily conversation-

    As you know, the business world is highly competitive and of course you want to make sure that you are able to achieve every advantage that is presented to you. Likewise, speaking fluent English is one of such advantages that can assist you because non-native English speakers do often s..

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