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    Advance English Preposition Tutorial


    Meaning: about, approximately. Often used with dates.

    Example one: “We adopted our dog as a stray. We think she was born circa 2005.”

    Example two: “The artefact is believed to come from the Smith home circa 1924.”




    Meaning: next to.

    Example one: “Tim and Steven worked alongside each other the entire night, giving each other encouragement.”

    Example two: “The horses pranced alongside each other after their gruelling routine.”




    Meaning: except.

    Example one: “They paid me my full wage, excluding taxes, after one week of working at the company.”

    Example two: “All my friends, excluding one, were able to come to my wedding last August.”




    Meaning: regardless of; despite.

    Example one: “She decided to go to the prom, notwithstanding her lack of a date.”

    Example two: “He was able to finish building the treehouse, notwithstanding his broken leg.”


    Owing to

    Meaning: because of.

    Example one: “His limp was improved owing to his strong medicine.”

    Example two: “She was confident she would win the race owing to her dedicated practices.




    Meaning: about; concerning.

    Example one: “He called touching your teacher’s note she gave you.”

    Example two: “The note, touching his true feelings for her, was hidden away.”




    Meaning: except.

    Example one: The entire team, bar one player, was able to attend the weekend’s tournament.

    Example two: “I decided to keep all my clothes, bar the few worn down jeans.”



    In lieu of

    Meaning: instead of.

    Example one: “May I give you roses in lieu of a poem?”

    Example two: “In lieu of money, he paid me in popcorn and friendship.”

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